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The dedicated marine electronics training provider.

Welcome to seacertify.com, the new home of Superyacht Electronics Academy.

Under our former name Just ETOs, we started a mission to address a growing technology skills shortage amongst crew.  Under our new name, our focus as a dedicated training provider remains unchanged.  Our focus remains short courses to help crew quickly grasp common AV, networking and communication systems basics.

Same great training courses, same great training facilities and equipment, same great trainers.  Just one new name!

Our training team are specialists with extensive and current experience, as they also continue to work in their respective fields.

You can read about all this and much more around the new website.  Please take your time and look around!

Our Training Courses

Our classes are designed and delivered by systems engineers with extensive experience onboard superyachts.  Click on each course below to go to the dedicated page for each class.


Yacht AV (audio-visual) systems training course


We cover the common systems, tasks and theory needed to become a component operator of these crucial systems onboard superyachts.  Includes official Crestron certification.  Get hands on and gain experience with our extensive real world yacht AV systems.

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Marine satellite communications and TV training course

3 Days

Communications at sea is of critical importance.  This introduction to marine satellite communications and TV familiarises crew with operating the common VSAT and TVRO systems, and problems they are likely to encounter.  This class includes hand-on sessions with SeaTel and Intellian VSAT and TVRO antennas and control units

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Marine IP networks and Cisco systems training course

3 Days

This class gives crew  solid understanding of IP network fundamentals, together with familiarisation of common administration and troubleshooting tasks on a Cisco network.  All in-room systems, configurations and course documentation has a marine bias.

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IP Cisco Trainer Blackboard

Recent Feedback

A great course for familiarizing yourself with the most common systems found onboard.  A quality facility with working real-world systems, allowing trainers to give you practical troubleshooting exercises as they provide you with knowledge from their experience in the field.

Cam Donkin


A very well run course, very informative and something for all levels.  I gained some new skills and knowledge, and a good refresher for certain aspects.  I Would highly recommend the course and training centre to others.  Many thanks!

Jamie Ralph

IT Officer

Any captain will do himself a huge favour to ensure his engineers attend this course with SEA.  The course will quickly pay for itself.  I should have done this a year ago!

AJ Grunschloss

Chief Engineer

Latest News

Taking our AV/IT skills mission online!

Taking our AV/IT skills mission online!

For obvious reasons, we have been asked a lot this year for online training.  But our focus is always on getting students working with the common superyacht systems that fill our academy. To date, we’ve stayed away from virtualisation and don’t see much value in...

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Latest Training Course Schedule

Latest Training Course Schedule

This page will always have our latest class schedule and prices. Please visit our dedicated COVID-19 Information Page in addition to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Or you can simply Email Us you enquiry for a quick response! We also provide bespoke training...

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Superyacht Electronics Academy Reopens!

Superyacht Electronics Academy Reopens!

After the unexpected break, we recently welcomed students back from 20th to 31st July.  It was great to see yacht engineers, ETOs and aspiring AV/IT officers return.   Students enjoyed three classes back-to-back, teaching fundamentals of IP networks, satellite...

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