May we take the opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to you all!

We are delighted to announce our schedule for the first half of 2024!  In addition, there are also number of major course changes to point out!

Our courses have been reduced in length, with additional pre-study to be taken beforehand.  Course prices have dropped significantly as a result!

The number of dates for each course has also increased in 2024.  This gives you better flexibility to move your booking if you cannot attend.

Finally, SATCOM@SEA is now also available in our fantastic live online format for the first time.

January is very much our busiest time of year for bookings.  We advise booking preferred dates soonest to avoid disappointment.



2024 Course Dates

AV@SEA   Classroom UK   11-13 Mar   £1200

Audio@SEA   Classroom UK   14-15 Mar   £800

AV@SEA   Live Online   3-5 Apr   £990

SATCOM@SEA   Classroom UK   15-16 Apr   £800

IP@SEA   Classroom UK   17-18 Apr   £800

1Day@SEA   Live Online   24 Apr   £200

AV@SEA   Classroom UK   29 Apr-1 May   £1200

AV@SEA   Classroom UK   29 April - 1 May   £1200

Audio@SEA   Classroom UK   2-3 May   £800

SATCOM@SEA   Classroom UK   20-21 May   £800

IP@SEA   Classroom UK   22-23 May   £800

1Day@SEA   Live Online   29 May   £200

AV@SEA   Live Online   3-5 Jun   £990

SATCOM@SEA   Live Online   10-11 Jun   £660

IP@SEA   Live Online   17-18 Jun   £660

After June, SEACertify closes for the summer until October.