Audio-Visual and Control Systems Training for Superyachts

Superyacht AV and Control Systems Training

Now including the new Crestron “Superyacht Systems Technician” certification! Online and in classroom.

Are you looking for training to quickly build confidence to better manage and troubleshoot yacht AV systems?  Perhaps you’re looking for work as a yacht ETO or AV/IT Officer?  Maybe you’re an engineer on a yacht without an ETO or AV/IT Officer.  You’re responsible for AV, but need to know more.

Yacht AV systems are usually high-end, bespoke, sizeable and complex.  Crucially, they’re a major part of the guest experience. Typically, you need training and experience with each main system component.  Yet this training is hard to find.  Additionally, AV training isn’t always available directly to crew.  Where it is, you’ll find it time consuming and expensive.  Furthermore, manufacturer courses often go beyond what crew need.  Because they’re intended for those installing and programming systems regularly.

We understand who you are and what you need.  We’ve spent many years supporting these systems onboard ourselves.  This experience has helped develop the exact training course you need.  Our ethos is teaching common theory and  tasks around the most common equipment.  Therefore we feature equipment from leaders such as Crestron.  In fact, the Crestron Superyacht Systems Technician certification is exclusively included.

After teaching fundamental theory, we switch to the practical side.  Students are taught the common tasks likely to be encountered onboard.  Our dedicated training facility is full of the most common superyacht technology.  In fact, the entire class is based around or own superyacht AV system and supporting documentation.

AV@SEA remains our most popular course.  It regularly sells out with students waiting.  Be sure to book early.


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Learn audio-visual and control fundamentals

Learn to provide a better system experience

Learn to operate and troubleshoot common systems

New Crestron Superyacht Systems Technician certification included!

AV Training Course – Summary Syllabus

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Introduction to our real-world superyacht AV and control system

Basic AV and control concepts

Familiarization with typical hardware components

Familiarization with our system schematics and documentation

Introduction to Crestron software suite

Familiarization with Crestron Toolbox software suite

Managing common Crestron systems and third party components

Managing third party programming and configuration files

Connecting and interconnecting hardware: protocols, cables and connectors


Intermediate audio/video concepts

Managing and troubleshooting a Crestron Digital Media system

Introduction to AV over IP and Crestron NVX

Troubleshooting HDMI connections

Final troubleshooting exercises and assessments


AV Training Course Feedback

Before attending this on-line course I was sceptical, but it was well beyond what I expected.

The questions and material are thought provoking and thus effective.  I was also impressed with the technical management of this training course.  I have to congratulate both Scott and Roland, the content was well thought through and was a good introduction to superyacht AV systems.  Well done!

Jayson Woodman

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

I would highly recommend Superyacht Electronics Academy's AV@SEA course.  They exceeded my expectations in terms of both content and training provided.  At first I was sceptical about the online version, but it was just as interactive and relevant as an onsite course would have been.  I'm very pleased with the result and will be back for more training!

Nicholas Grady - Engineer

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

The AV@SEA class exceeded my expectations, as mentioned in the course, with being online rather than onsite. 

It is amazing what has been achieved in the training room all things considered, with a strangely ideal setup.  Personally, I will always wish I could have been in class rather than online but I don’t believe it has affected my learning of the content at all.  Cheers!

Christy Slaven - Engineer

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

Your AV Course Trainers

Learn more about the experienced team behind this training course.

Roland Higham

Roland Higham

Chief Technical Officer - Director

A true specialist and published author in the field of Audio, Roland also actively works as an AV systems consultant and programmer.  Holding a real passion for training, together with being an all-round nice guy, makes Roland the perfect addition to our team. Roland regularly leads our audio-visual courses, and is responsible for technically overseeing our systems and curriculum development.

It is a pleasure to have now welcomed Roland to the team as Chief Technology Officer, and company director.

Scott Molloy

Scott Molloy

Managing Director

After working ashore in IT, Scott spent 11 years working on several prestigious superyachts during their build and operation.  Founding SEACertify in 2017, Scott remains responsible for overall training development.

Our students also regularly see Scott actively involved delivering courses and mentoring.

With a passion for addressing the sector's technology skills gap,  Scott actively contributes to education across the wider marine industry.


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