Basic Introduction to Superyacht AV/IT Systems

1Day@SEA – New Training Course!

A basic introduction to AV/IT for ALL superyacht crew.

Our new class is different to what we’ve offered to date.

We developed 1Day@SEA after recognising basic AV/IT familiarization is beneficial to all crew onboard.  Easily accessible, the live online class can be joined at short notice.  Running regularly, you can even join the class from onboard.

The class includes useful entertainment, information and communication system know-how.  Additionally, the course is also suitable preparation for beginners thinking of attending more technical classes.

Why 1Day@SEA ?

“Its too complicated.”
“I’m not sure what to say or do about problems.”
“I’m not sure which equipment does what.”
“I want to learn more, but don’t know where to start.”

These are some common thoughts from crew unfamiliar with yacht AV/IT basics.  We understand the challenges, from our own onboard experiences.  But we also know how to effectively familiarise all crew with a less-technical approach.

Guest-facing crew, engineers or even the Captain with overall responsibility; anybody onboard can benefit.  Aspiring crew will also receive the proper foundation that helps all parties communicate and manage systems better.  Ultimately, this results in a smoother experience for owners, guests and crew.

As always, our training is live and engaging and based around the common real-world equipment that fills our training centre.

Learning Objectives

  • Fundamental AV, IT and communications systems terminology understood
  • Basics of system hardware and layouts understood
  • Common system capabilities and limitations understood
  • Improved awareness of associated risks – safety and security
  • Most common “front line” troubleshooting problems and solutions
  • Q&A at end of day

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