COVID-19 Information Page

We’ve thoroughly reviewed our procedures and practices in response to Covid-19.  We are aware students will have specific questions relating to what we’re doing, and how the situation might be affecting our training services.

On this dedicated page, hopefully you find the answers you’re looking for.  If not, please just email us at for a fast response.

Following our COVID-19 risk assessment, read about the main steps we have taken to reopen as safely as possible.  Our measures exceed the latest government guidelines, and are kept under constant review.  As this is a constantly changing situation, please check back here regularly for the latest updates.

We are also pleased to report there are no restrictions in place preventing our July classes from running.  Hotels, flights and restaurants availability should also increase from 4th July as restrictions are expected to be relaxed.  UK Quarantine is also expected to be relaxed from 4th July.

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Classroom Social Distancing

We have completely reorganised our training facility layout.  There is a new student desk layout, with Perspex screens in place where appropriate. Thankfully, our training facilities are very large and our maximum group size is just 8. So students can expect to sit 2-4 metres apart, depending on class sizes.

Floor spaces are marked out to encourage separation and the classroom has adequate natural ventilation.

We have also modified our training methods, and parts of the training courses themselves.  This ensures a minimum 2 metre distance is maintained, without undermining the quality of our training.

This distancing is to be maintained at all times, including lunchtime and breaks.

New Training Methods

We’ve looked at our in-room training practices and made some changes to minimise risk without reducing the training quality.

For example, we no longer gather around equipment or tools. Instead we will handle these sessions differently:

  • Only one person at a time is allowed to visit a particular piece of equipment.
  • All Equipment demonstrations are now done “front of class” instead of the group gathering around.
  • Such sessions are now assisted with a portable camera, allowing closeups to be clearly visible on the large in-room displays.

In addition, some of our classes are now available online.


Additional Hygiene Measures

In addition to other measures highlighted on this page, we have made a number of changes to minimise transmission risks:

  • Screens are installed between students sitting closest together (2 metres)
  • Windows remain open to ensure natural ventilation
  • Personal hand sanitiser at student desks
  • Additional hand sanitiser stations around the facility
  • Face masks for trainers, should any close 1:1 support be required
  • Regular sanitising of high-transmissive surfaces including equipment, tools and door handles
  • Changes to our provided lunch, snack and refreshment service
COVID-19 Attendance Policy

All attending visitors must adhere to our COVID-19 Visitors Policy.  This is issued prior to booking as part of our Terms.  A copy of the policy is also available on request.

This requires visiting personnel to agree to adhere to numerous measures we have in place around the training centre.

We will continue to take every possible practical precaution to reduce virus transmission.

Accommodation Latest

In the UK, it is possible to stay in a hotel etc for work or education purposes during lockdown with many hotels remaining open.  However, our next classroom-based courses are scheduled once lockdown has ended.  So COVID-19 rules will definitely not affect your ability to find accommodation.

Temporary Cancellation Policy

We have further relaxed our fair cancellation policy, removing any possible penalties for last minute changes.

For our 2021 training courses, the following cancellation policy will continue to apply.

A full refund can be requested at any time, for any reason. Bookings may also be transferred to a later date. The name on the booking may also be changed.

If a class is unable to run due to COVID-19 restriction, it will be rescheduled to run approximately 4-6 weeks later.  Classroom course may be rescheduled online.

Students should book flexible travel and accommodation options, or ensure travel insurance covers them for any losses due to disruption.