We are delighted to announce the new Crestron “Superyacht Systems Technician” certification is about to launch through Superyacht Electronics Academy!

Developed together with Crestron, the new syllabus ensures a higher level of training and certification is available to yacht crew.  The new certificate is exclusively available through our 5-day AV@SEA course.  The first session will run live and online from December 6th to 10th, with our usual maximum of just 8 seats.  Short online demo appointments are also being offered.  Enquire Further.

The creation of Superyacht Systems Technician together with Crestron is a development we’re very proud of.  Since we started AV training in 2017, we have strived to make it as valuable as possible.  This superyacht-specific syllabus from Crestron now means crew get access to a higher level of Crestron training and certification than before.  Our 5-day course is more than enough for most crew.  But for those that want to go further, such as the dedicated AV/IT officer, there are even more options available.  All students get access to the full Crestron Technical Institute, including self-paced and instructor-led courses.

We opened the door to Crestron certification for existing and aspiring yacht crew in 2017.  That door now offers an even better proposition, resulting in improved skills and a better system experience onboard.

Scott Molloy

Managing Director, Superyacht Electronics Academy

It’s never been more important for superyacht crew to have in-depth knowledge of the AV systems they’re managing. From controlling music for an evening meal or party, to showing sports in every area, having the right skills onboard to support the system is critical.  Developing this new certification together with Superyacht Electronics Academy ensures crew have the necessary tools to do the job.

We’ve leveraged our many years of experience working with the incredible superyacht crews to design the program from their point of view, not just our technical expertise. It’s training created specifically for them and in a way they will easily understand.

The program is open to every superyacht crew member and covers both basic theory and the practical side of AV onboard superyachts, including exercises carried out on a real-world superyacht distributed AV system.  The new program is exclusively included in the Superyacht Electronics Academy’s AV@SEA training course.

Superyacht crew managing AV systems at sea deserve all the support we can give them. This new dedicated training program and certification opportunity reflects our commitment to accomplishing that goal.

Daniel Kerkhof

DIrector, Crestron Marine