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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we’re currently receiving.  For anything else, just drop us a line at training@seacertify.com.

What Covid-19 policies do you have in place?

Following an in depth risk assessment, we have made multiple changes to our physical classroom sessions and related arrangements.

Our measures exceed the latest UK government advice on hygiene and social distancing.  This is also kept under constant review.

The steps we have taken include multiple new social distancing and hygiene measures inside our classrooms.  We have also adapted our cancellation policy to allow full refunds for short notice cancellations.

For the latest Covid-19 related information, we highly recommend reading our dedicated Covid-19 Information Page.

What is the Cancellation/Rebooking Policy?

We appreciate the nature of the industry and that changes are sometimes required at short notice.  Also, in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have further relaxed our cancellation/rebooking policy.  Therefore, for all 2020 training classes, the following policy now applies.

Temporary Cancellation/Rebooking Policy (For remainder of 2020)

SEA will automatically transfer your booking to secure your seat on the next available course date.  Alternatively you can change the name on the booking without a fee.  Students may also now request a full refund at any time for any reason. 

Students should acknowledge the risk of class postponement due to any government-enforced travel or event restrictions.  Therefore, students should ensure to book changeable travel tickets and accommodation, or that their travel insurance covers them for such disruption.

Is accommodation and food included?

The price does not include accommodation.  Our centres are located in areas with plenty of options for you to research and find accommodation you are best happy with for your budget.  See our Locations page for our centre addresses. We can also issue you an accommodation guide to help.

For UK training, all lunches, snacks and refreshments are included at our UK centre.

For USA training at Bluewater’s facility, lunches etc are not provided as per their usual students arrangements.


Do I need to bring anything to class?

A Windows laptop is compulsory to attend our AV@SEA class.  However one will be provided for you if you cannot bring your own.  Nothing needs to be brought to our other classes.

What times do the classes run?

Normally 09:00 to 17:00.  However the last day of each class finishes at 16:00 to allow for earlier travel.

How can we pay?

For UK training, we take payment by bank transfer or credit card. For international bank transfers we highly recommend using Transferwise for low-cost fees.

For USA training, all bookings and payments are made directly with Bluewater.

Do you offer Online Training?

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns began, we are regularly asked if we offer online training.  Although we can recommend online training from third parties, we won’t be developing any of our own.  Here’s why.

As a dedicated training provider, naturally our focus is making our classes as valuable as possible to our students.  Therefore, our focus is getting students hands on with our extensive real-world equipment.    Although virtual and remote training greatly improves accessibility, the training is much less valuable.  So we consider this a backwards step and undermines our core values.

Instead, we are currently busy expanding and improving our classroom training, in line with our tried and tested methods.

We look forward to seeing new and returning students again very soon, at our new and improved classes.

Once again, we are always happy to issue training advice including online study options from third parties.  Please contact us by emailing training@seacertify.com.

Is any previous knowledge/ experience needed?

All our classes are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those that already have a little experience.

We issue before-course study materials, to help the complete beginners get a head start before day 1.

Our classes are designed to have all students reach an intermediate Operator level by the end of each class.

Can you recommend accommodation?

Some information on accommodation options is included in the Information Pack you receive once booked onto our course.  However our centres are located where there is plenty of local accommodation to choose from.  Generally we prefer students to research somewhere to stay that they will be happy with for their own particular budget.  Our centres addresses can be found on our Locations page. 

Where do you provide training?

We only provide classroom-based training in Liverpool UK and Fort Lauderdale USA currently.  However we do also offer on-site training, where we can travel out to you.  Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements further.

What certification is attached?

It depends on the class.  Every class carries our own certificate, widely recognised and respected across the industry.  Additional manufacturer certification/accreditation depends on the class. Please visit each training course’s individual page to read further.

What is the VAT? Must this be paid?

Our courses fees are subject to UK Value Added Tax (VAT) at 20%

If you are paying personally, this cannot be avoided.  However if we are invoicing your vessel/company, we will not have to charge the VAT in the majority of cases.

Recent Feedback

A great course for familiarizing yourself with the most common systems found onboard.  A quality facility with working real-world systems, allowing trainers to give you practical troubleshooting exercises as they provide you with knowledge from their experience in the field.

Cam Donkin


A very well run course, very informative and something for all levels.  I gained some new skills and knowledge, and a good refresher for certain aspects.  I Would highly recommend the course and training centre to others.  Many thanks!

Jamie Ralph

IT Officer

Any captain will do himself a huge favour to ensure his engineers attend this course with SEA.  The course will quickly pay for itself.  I should have done this a year ago!

AJ Grunschloss

Chief Engineer