Back in November we announced plans to offer full training courses online from early 2021.   Last week, we completed the delivery of our first full IP@SEA and AV@SEA classes online.  Visiting Engineer students were extremely happy with the quality of the training delivered!

Those familiar with our usual classroom format might wonder how we can offer the same experience online?  Our first remote students Engineers were very pleasantly surprised.  Nobody had imagined such engaging training was possible remotely.   Yet this is exactly what we’ve always worked hard to achieve.  Our courses are our passion, our core products.  And our students, our clients.  We live and breath our training, so would never let an online delivery result in “watered down” classes.  Remotely, we offer the same comprehensive courses with live and involving demonstrations, tasks and troubleshooting scenarios.

Online AND In-Class.  Here To Stay

Our online training development is no temporary measure.  There are many benefits to students attending remotely, as mentioned in our November article.  We will continue to offer online classes post-pandemic, whilst still offering a reduced amount of classroom-based courses.

Our full schedule listing page will continue to be updated with new classes as they are announced very soon!

We will also be making new additions to our training course line-up this year.  As well as revealing some other exciting developments!.  Apologies for the (unavoidable) cliché, but you really must watch this space!

Latest Schedule

Our scheduled courses will resume early October.  Subscribe to our news to receive the new dates.

Contact us for 1:1 courses and tailored group training session enquiries during this time.


Try Before You Buy!

We currently offer online demonstration appointments every Wednesday, while classes are not running.  Appointments will be a 1:1 video chat with an opportunity to look around, ask questions and sample the complete delivery method.

Online Training – Student Feedback

I would highly recommend Superyacht Electronics Academy's AV@SEA course.  They exceeded my expectations in terms of both content and training provided.  At first I was sceptical about the online version, but it was just as interactive and relevant as an onsite course would have been.  I'm very pleased with the result and will be back for more training!

Nicholas Grady - Engineer

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

Before attending this on-line course I was sceptical, but it was well beyond what I expected.

The questions and material are thought provoking and thus effective.  I was also impressed with the technical management of this training course.  I have to congratulate both Scott and Roland, the content was well thought through and was a good introduction to superyacht AV systems.  Well done!

Jayson Woodman

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

The AV@SEA class exceeded my expectations, as mentioned in the course, with being online rather than onsite. 

It is amazing what has been achieved in the training room all things considered, with a strangely ideal setup.  Personally, I will always wish I could have been in class rather than online but I don’t believe it has affected my learning of the content at all.  Cheers!

Christy Slaven - Engineer

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021

The online course was definitely on the same high standard as an attendance course.  I gained a lot more knowledge relevant to real life scenarios and troubleshooting.

Thank you.

Calvin Krogg - Engineer

Course - AV@SEA Online 2021