Marine Data Networks Training


3-Day Marine IP Networks and Cisco Systems Training

Want to get to grips with the fundamentals of onboard IP networks quickly?  Are you looking for a hands-on fundamentals and troubleshooting course, perhaps to compliment your Cisco studies?  Read on, as our latest training course might be just what you need!

Marine IP Networks and Cisco Training

This course helps crew understand the fundamental theory and tasks required to support IP networks in a marine environment. After getting to grips with basic theory, we move on to hands-on exercises including real-world scenarios. Everything from the in-room systems, configurations, documentation, presentation material and exercises are marine-specific.
As with our other courses, the initial focus is on delivering theory that is not brand-specific. However, we recognize the importance of hands-on training with the most common equipment. Therefore, all classroom hardware is Cisco. We structure the class with eventual student Cisco Certification in mind. Class numbers are kept deliberately small, never exceeding 8 students.

Improve support of all onboard systems which use IP networks

Get hands on with marine IP networks in our classroom

Learn IP and Cisco network fundamentals

Use this class to compliment your Cisco CCNA studies

Daily Schedule Summary

  • Brief history of marine networks
  • OSI model introduction
  • Introduction to common network protocols
  • Addressing
  • IP and subnet fundamentals
  • Switching
  • Typical onboard network devices and roles
  • Typical marine topologies and documentation

Daily Schedule Summary

  • Physical cables and connectors
  • VLANs
  • ARP
  • Routing
  • Basics of network security
  • Using Cisco Packet Tracer
  • Introduction to Cisco Command Line Interface
  • Practical Cisco exercises to reinforce knowledge

Daily Schedule Summary

  • Maintaining and monitoring a Cisco IP network in a marine environment
  • Further common marine tasks: student participation
  • Onboard troubleshooting exercises using the OSI model
  • Final Assessment exercises


AV@SEA  Classroom UK
11-14 October  £1600

IP@SEA  Classroom UK
16-18  October  £1200

SATCOM@SEA  Classroom UK
19-20 October  £850

New! AUDIO@SEA  Classroom UK
26-27 October £850

AV@SEA Online 11am-7pm UTC
1-4 November  £1320

Student Objectives

  • Understand fundamentals of the OSI communication model
  • Recognise the different types and roles of network equipment
  • Understand typical marine network topologies and configurations
  • Understand common cables and connectors and their capabilities
  • Know the basics of IP addressing, subnets and VLANs
  • Understand basics of IP routing and switching
  • Perform routine administration/troubleshooting with onboard networks
  • Better support for all onboard systems that use IP-based networks
  • Easier communication with third parties for support or upgrades
  • Less reliance on shore-based support for the most basic issues
  • Be confident in studying further for Cisco CCNA certification

IP@SEA Feedback

This was a great course!  Jason has fantastic knowledge of the subject and relayed the information clearly and relevantly.  Good facilities and equipment also.

Tom Memery

2nd Engineer / ETO

Scott's hospitality and the course's intellectual value, even over such a short course, was exemplary.  The knowledge I have gained will help me massively for years to come.  Jason's knowledge and experience is outstanding.

Thomas Peck

2nd Engineer

This was another highly recommended course from the team at Superyacht Electronics Academy.  I wish to have the opportunity to come back and attend future training courses.

Daniel Dorcea