Classrooms Reopen!

Our yacht AV/IT training returns this Autumn for a very limited amount of courses, and are limited to just 8 seats on each class.

AV@SEA can now be taken in class (UK), or online 12:00 TO 20:00 BST to suit students joining from Florida.

Latest Schedule – All Classes

SATCOM@SEA, Liverpool UK, 4-6 Oct, £1170

IP@SEA, Liverpool UK, 7-9 Oct, £1170

AV@SEA, Liverpool UK, 11-15 Oct, £1950

1Day@SEA, Online, 28 Oct 12-8 BST, £250

1Day@SEA, Online, 28 Oct 7-3 EDT, $325



AV@SEA, Online, 1-5 Nov 12-8 BST, £1500

AV@SEA, Online, 1-5 Nov 7-3 EDT, $2100

Unavailable these dates?  Email us your availability to help schedule courses at a time that suits you.  Bespoke onsite/online packages can also be provided.