SEACertify has reached agreement to deliver the new Crestron certification Superyacht Audio Specialist.  This syllabus will be exclusively included with our new 2-day specialist audio training course, Audio@SEA.

After a year of planning, the course launches 26th of October at our dedicated training center in the UK.  The course provides the understanding and appreciation needed to provide an improved audio experience on board.  Sadly there is usually insufficient focus on the crucial end result, even with the multi-million euro AV systems installed on larger superyachts.

We are very pleased that these aims are also supported by one of our valued training partners, Crestron.

 “Audio is such an underestimated part of the experience. So many factors play a role in getting this done right.  We are delighted that SEACertify now offers a full training to talk about all these aspects so, together with our products, their students can start to even further improve the experience our users have onboard.”

Daniel KerkhoffDirector, Crestron Marine

This collaboration means we are launching another valuable course to benefit the superyacht industry as a whole.

Thank you


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You can read more about Audio@SEA here.

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