I approached SEA before joining a new yacht, with responsibilities for AV/IT onboard as ETO.  This was covered by dedicated AV/IT positions in my previous roles.  There were no courses running before I joined the yacht, so Scott kindly offered 1:1 tuition and we settled on 3-days online.

We covered AV, Crestron, Kaleidescape, and network systems.  Some additional IT and SATCOM theory was also included.  The camera system was just as good as, if not better than, being in the classroom itself.  You can zoom and read the tiny text on a cable tag from the other side of the room.  Practical exercises using software on the academy’s laptop is easily done via remote access.  Not having been hands on with most of the equipment previously made this training invaluable to me.  In practice, this has helped navigate new duties at work with greater ease.

1:1 remote training was practical and cost effective (saving on hotels and travel costs).  I highly recommend Superyacht Electronics Academy to anyone needing initial or refresher training in AV, IT and SATCOM.  Don't be afraid of their remote learning, it’s much better than you might expect!

Ben Angel - ETO

Course: 1:1 Online Training

Schedule – All Courses

AV@SEA   Classroom UK   29 April - 1 May   £1200

Audio@SEA   Classroom UK   2-3 May   £800

SATCOM@SEA   Live Online   20-21 May   £660

IP@SEA   Live Online   23-24 May   £660

1Day@SEA   Live Online   29 May   £200

AV@SEA   Live Online   3-5 Jun   £990

SATCOM@SEA   Live Online   10-11 Jun   £660

IP@SEA   Live Online   17-18 Jun   £660