Marine VSAT and TVRO Training Course

Our marine VSAT and satellite TV training is ideal for crew of all vessels and installations.  We deliver an overview of common tasks and knowledge, together with common equipment familiarisation.  As such, we feature equipment from both Cobham / Seatel and Intellian.  On completion, our course certificate carries an Intellian VSAT Operator endorsement.

Marine Satellite Communications and VSAT Fundamentals

The class begins with basic principles of satellite communications at sea.  This includes pointing angles, transmit/receive paths, balance, stabilisation and tracking.

Common VSAT and TVRO antenna familiarisation

We also deliver a familiarisation of operating the common VSAT and TVRO antennas.

Our four house antennas: Seatel VSAT and TVRO, and Intellian VSAT and TVRO.  Also, their respective antenna controllers and software.

All presentations are delivered around the antennas.  The real-life equipment is around you at all times.  No need to put up with just pictures on a screen.

We then get hands-on, operating the equipment in real scenarios.  Finally, we move on to common troubleshooting tasks.

Unique Marine Satellite TV Training

Competent Satellite TV operators must know much more than the TVRO antenna itself.  Therefore we dedicate day 3 to “Sat TV” in-depth from start to finish.  Learn ship distribution systems and resources needed to find TV channel information.  Also operating the common satellite receivers and troubleshooting.  This final day is very hands-on and thoroughly enjoyable. Finally, we send students off to find specific TV channels.  Frequencies must be obtained, calculations made, antennas pointed and receivers configured.

Student Suitability for Training

This class is mainly intended for crew who want to become competent VSAT and Satellite TV operators.  However, this class is also suitable for staff of shipyards, or shore-based companies.   Anyone who is looking to get a foundation knowledge of the systems we cover.  This a beginner level training course, for those with little or no previous experience.  Where possible, students may be able to join for just the Sat TV day.  As many crew will already be competent VSAT operators, but require a short course in satellite TV.

AV@SEA  Live Online **2 LEFT!**
22-25 May 10AM-6PM UTC  £1320


After this, scheduled courses will resume in October. See "Autumn 2023" tab.

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AV@SEA  Classroom UK 
11-14 October  £1600

IP@SEA  Classroom UK
16-18  October  £1200

SATCOM@SEA  Classroom UK 
19-21 October  £1200

Learn marine satellite communications fundamentals

Learn the skills to improve communication system services onboard

Learn to operate and troubleshoot the common equipment

Covers both Seatel and Intellian equipment

Includes an official Intellian VSAT Operator endorsement

Course Syllabus Summary

  • Satellite communications: a brief history
  • Basic satellite communications theory
  • The 3-axis marine stabilised antenna system
  • overview of common marine VSAT antenna hardware
  • Targeting and tracking satellites
  • Common Antenna Control Unit Operation
  • Common Modem operation: iDirect
  • Operation via common software and browser interface
  • Analysing signals with a spectrum analyser
  • Common maintenance and admin tasks
  • Common VSAT troubleshooting exercises
  • LBand communications solutions
  • Satellite television theory
  • Common resources for finding satellite TV information
  • Common TV signal distribution methods
  • Cabling and tools
  • Configuring common Satellite TV receivers
  • Analysing TV signals with a spectrum analyser
  • Satellite TV common tasks
  • Satellite TV troubleshooting exercises

Satcom Training Feedback

Recent feedback from the SATCOM@SEA training course

I received a massive amount of valuable information, which I now need to try and retain.  The useful websites, presentation material and manufacturer documentation will help for future reference.  I will highly recommend this training course to others.

Jacob Dube

This was a great course with good, solid training material and exercises.  I have already informed other crew that they should attend this class.

James Cox

Superyacht Electronics Academy have really helped me, being a rookie to the industry.  Having no real previous experience of VSAT, I feel confident I could tackle problems that arise in future.

Greg Partridge


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