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“Something is Missing”

The expensive audio systems onboard often sound disappointing.  Sadly there are usually a few simple things most people are getting wrong.  This training course gets back to basics and addresses them all.

Audio@SEA gives crew the awareness and technical know-how to make a BIG difference!  It literally isn’t rocket science, but it IS audio science and physics.  However, this course will cut through technical jargon and give easy to follow explanations and demonstrations of problems.  And crucially, show crew what to do about them.

It is exactly what yacht crew need: hands on practical knowledge for the problems they are likely to encounter.  Crew aren’t usually responsible for physically installing equipment in the first place.  But on discovering a problem, what are they expected to do?  Better still, we give crew the ability to check and improve the experience the equipment gives before it is used.

This course follows on from our popular AV@SEA course to help improve the most important thing with the AV systems: the end result!  It is easy to forget that ultimately, we should be delivering an optimized and engaging audio-visual experience!  Audio@SEA makes this possible by raising student knowledge, abilities and appreciation levels.

Audio@SEA also exclusively includes the new Crestron Superyacht Systems Specialist certification.

Roland Higham: Course Creator & Trainer

Roland has recently joined SEACertify as Chief Technology Officer, developing this course together with our team.

An all-round AV/IT guru, Roland makes the perfect addition to our team.  But Roland’s true passion and area of expertise is audio.  His experience includes leading on an exhaustive list of prestigious audio projects.

He holds extensive advanced certifications in Crestron, Extron, BSS Soundweb, Dante, QSys, Peavey, BiAmp, Symetrix and Shure systems.  Roland is also a published author, with his book “Introduction to Live Sound“.

Some might already know Roland as one of our AV@SEA course trainers; adding invaluable experience and mentoring during our sessions.

Roland Higham Superyacht Audio Consultant

Audio@SEA Summary Syllabus

(Estimated 3 Hours Self-Study)

Audio Basic Theory and Terminology

Introduction to Maths in Audio

Introduction to Physics in Audio

Audio Propagation Basics

Distributing Audio over IP Networks (course)

Audio Theory Basics, Recap and Quiz.

Sound Wave Propagation +Demonstrations

Acoustic Treatments +Demonstrations

Speaker Types and Sound Dissipation

Types of Analogue Audio Signals

Types of Digital Audio Transports (Dante, AES67, CobraNet, Blu link)

Common Cables and Connectors

Improving On Board Audio

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tasks

Common DSP Principles and Configuration

BSS Soundweb Distribution and DSP Systems

HiQnet Audio Architect Software

Crestron DM NAX Distribution and DSP Systems




Latest Schedule – All Courses

AV@SEA   Live Online   3-5 Jun   SOLD OUT  

SATCOM@SEA   Live Online   10-11 Jun   £660

IP@SEA   Live Online   17-18 Jun   £660

After these dates our scheduled courses pause for the summer, resuming early October.

Contact us for 1:1 courses and tailored group training session availability during this time.

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