For obvious reasons, we have been asked a lot this year for online training.  But our focus is always on getting students hands on with the common superyacht systems that fill our academy.

To date, we’ve stayed away from virtualisation and don’t see much value in online “self-paced” training.  There is little engagement with real systems, scenarios or experienced trainers.

So our initial COVID response this year focused on reopening our classrooms in the summer while the virus was lying low.  Which we did successfully before closing early for our usual winter break.

This presented the perfect opportunity to finalise our plans for our new online instructor led classes!

We have now published our new training dates for 2021.  You’ll see new online versions of some classes, before we also reopen for classroom-based sessions whenever possible.

As a dedicated training provider, ensuring students receive value for their course fees is everything to us.  I had reservations about a potential drop in value for training delivered online.  But when we looked at it, we didn’t even need to change the syllabus.  Only the delivery method and systems had to be adapted.

As well as overseeing overall training content and strategy, I’m also one of the trainers myself.  I am fully confident in being able to deliver online without compromising on value.   Scott Molloy, Managing Director.

The physical changes required in the training centre are actually also minimal!  We are employing some clever conferencing solutions to give the same training experience to the remote students.  Demonstrations will be offered soon.


AV@SEA   Live Online   3-5 Jun   SOLD OUT  

SATCOM@SEA   Live Online   10-11 Jun   £660

IP@SEA   Live Online   17-18 Jun   £660

After these dates our scheduled courses pause for the summer, resuming early October.

Contact us for 1:1 courses and tailored group training session availability during this time.

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Additonal benefits of our online classes!


Reduced Student Costs

Students choosing online training no longer need to include the costs of travel, accommodation, food and drink when taking our online classes.

Lower Pricing

Our costs are now lower too. So we’ve passed these onto our students by reducing our prices for 2021.

Time Saving

Students will no longer need to travel to us, staying in a hotel the night before the first class.

Reduced Student Logistics

There’s no travel and accommodation plans to make, and no visa to apply for!

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We’re very keen on environmental concerns, such as reducing our carbon footprint.  Our move towards online training means the amount of students travelling will be much lower.  We often get students flying great distances for our training and hopefully this will now be a thing of the past.  You’ll be hearing about our environmental initiatives a lot over the coming 12 months.

Student Accessibility

We will still run occasional classes on-location in different worldwide locations.  But largely, such plans have now been superseded by our new online program.  This means student accessibility to our training is now vastly improved.